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Take part in an entire day of training given by Pierre Beaupère!

A group of riders, selected in advance to present the most common difficulties that riders can encounter with their horses and who have never had lessons with Pierre, will have a lesson for the very first time.

Pierre will explain in detail, to the audience and to the riders, the work he suggests to improve the balance, rhythm, relaxation and in particular the harmony between the horse and the rider.

You will see the progressive transformation of the horses thanks to a work adapted to fit their needs, towards a delicate equitation and based on the horse’s respect and welfare.

The purpose of these clinics is that the audience and riders, whatever their levels and their difficulties, could get answers to their questions and concrete tools to solve their problems, to correct their difficulties, and to evolve with their own horses.

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“After more than 10 years of giving lessons and clinics, and more than 15000 hours of individual classes in Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Canada and USA, I was feeling a little bit upset and frustrated that I couldn’t help more riders to improve and to have better relationships with their horses. We have been preparing these Masterclass for more than one year, wishing to give to each participant, riders and audience, exercises and an understanding of the horse, of his reactions and locomotion, in order to help the riders in their daily riding.”

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Trained in Belgium with Elisabeth de Walsche, herself one of the students of the Master Nuno Oliveira for 17 years; with Michel Henriquet in France; with Joachim Fernandes and Sergio Martin for 2 years in Portugal; and with Jan Brink and Rick Klaassen in Germany, Pierre Beaupère has also a Master's degree in equine ethology from the Free University of Bruxelles (ULB-2001).

He is the author of the book “Balance and Straigthness” (Equilibre et Rectitude) and of a series of educational DVDs, and has also written several articles on dressage in Cheval Savoir Magazine.

His students across the world are either amateur dressage riders, international eventing riders, or even equestrian artists. He has also been training the riders of the show CAVALIA in the USA.

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Make the world a better place…

A part of the profits will be donated to charities involved in the assistance to people in need as well as charities for animal protection.

Each event organized by Pierre supports a specific association.

You will have the opportunity, on the day of the event, to make a donation to the organization in question.

Everybody, at their own level, can make the world a better place…

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“Equitation is in constant evolution and Pierre is, in my opinion, the one who made a connection between classical and modern riding, in the sense that he takes into account the horse’s mental state, the integrity of his locomotion, and the athletic requirements, while being respectful to the horse… and which matches and adjusts to all types of horses.
For those who are looking for and are interested in what is taught nowadays, we find in Pierre’s philosophy all the influences without falling into the trap of cliché “from the school of…”, “from the method of…”. It is an independent kind of equitation and above all, a correct one!!
I believe that it is the first time that I felt my horses relaxed from head to tail! I know there is a lot of work to do to get that when I’m riding alone but the sensation and the result left a deep mark on my horses!
Just thinking about it makes me shiver!”
Magali – France



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Program of the day

9.00: Welcome of the audience

9.30: Introduction by Pierre Beaupère

10.00 – 12.30: Lessons, with commentary and explanations

12h30 - 13h30- Lunchtime

13.30 – 17.00: Lessons, with commentary and explanations

17.00 – 18.00 (depending on the number of questions): question and answer session

The timetable is relative and can vary depending on the duration of the lessons.

20.00: closing time


Prices et Reservations

Keep in mind that the number of seats is limited!

For the riders, with their horse : 90 euros + stal - See conditions below

For the auditors : 60 euros

To book your place as an auditor:

You can book the number of tickets you wish clicking on “BOOKING”, which will send you to the Paypal website where you can specify the number of tickets you want and where you can pay by debit card, even if you don’t have a Paypal account. You can also book your tickets via bank transfer. Please contact us for our bank account. If you pay via bank transfer, don’t forget to send an email to with your name and the number of tickets you booked. You will get a confirmation email only after we have received your payment. In both cases, you will get your named tickets by email.


To book your place as a rider:

Please send us your application by email to We will send you an application form in which you will describe your horse and the difficulties you have with it. We will then contact you via email or phone to inform you if you were selected for the Masterclass.


We select riders/horses pairs to get the most representative picture possible of the situations and difficulties related to the general topic of the masterclass. From there, if your application is not selected, it does not mean you were judged personally or that your history wasn’t interesting.


For further information, please contact us at:


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Traveling around the world with my two horses and meeting the best riders and trainers with ethical and respectful methods.
And meeting all the people who could help us, as riders but also as Humans, to evolve.



100% Green Energy:

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Our company gets exclusively green energy from Eneco. Eneco Belgium supplies electricity coming from 100% renewable sources and is one of the cleanest electricity producers in Europe.

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Eco-responsible publisher:

Our books are printed by a certified Imprim’vert publisher.

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We support:

Pierre Beaupère and PRB Dressage support several charities to make the world a better place.

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